What is Pucks in Deep?

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Some Card Examples

With 460 "Ice" cards and 90 "Puck" cards, the possibilities are endless.

Endless card possibilities

There are a practically limitless number of options for you to explore!

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How to play Pucks in Deep!

Awesome game for any hockey fan! My husband loves it!

- Amazon customer

Played this at a friend's house. Super fun.

- Danny F.

This is crazy! Hilarious before beer league games....add post game beers and we got guys in the locker room rolling around crying with laughter.

- Nick F

Yup it's as amazing as you think it could be. Get it now. 

- James L.


Is this actually a real thing?

Yup, and trust us, it's incredible. 

Where can I buy Pucks in Deep?

Right Here

Do you ship to Canada?

We wouldn’t want to penalize our Canadian brethren of the glory that is Pucks In Deep. So yes, we ship to Canada.
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How vulgar is this game, really?

Very. It’s great.

Oh my god! Why didn’t you include my favorite super obscure hockey reference?!

Sorry. Maybe we will make an expansion or something.
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How’d you come up with this awful idea?

Someone created the game for a hockey party, we decided it was epic, so we made this. Enjoy it.

Can I buy one for my kid?

You can, we will only judge you a little bit.